Quality and Reliability

Our Philosophy

The Customer is our priority, the focus around which the entire company strategy revolves. We are partner even before being a supplier, we encourage the dialogue and the strict collaboration with our Customers in order to reach increasingly ambitious goals.


Design and Development of electronic circuit boards/electronic devices according to the Customer requirements

On demand production

Assembling and testing of electronic circuit boards from one single prototype to the series production


All around technical support from the development stage up to the product engineering.


We guarantee the compliance of the entire process with the rules and the standards described in ISO 9001:2015

New Headquarters

The new structure allows for better rationalization of the production plant thanks to the implementation of new production lines that allow greater productivity.


The design and development stage includes the following services:
- Development of electronic devices
- Burning and engineering
- Software programming
- Sampling
- Production and technical consulting
- Technical handbooks
- CAD drawings
- Turnkey PCBs
- EMC testing


Production upon request of small, medium and large batches. Supply of tested and ready-to-use prototypes of both our concept or of our Customer’s one.
We can realize finished products starting from the technical specifications provided by the Customer up to the production. We perform internally all the necessary production stages with the strictest connection between hardware/master design and the development of the firmware of the software to be.


We can provide services of support to the activity of pure design, thereby allowing the Customer considerable savings in terms of resources and design. The Consulting activity includes the following services:
- Feasibility study
- Product engineering
- Research of components
- Preparing of the necessary documentation at the delivery of the product
- Identification of the EMI/LVD rules (guidelines for the electromagnetic compliance and Low Voltage Directive) for the CE marking.

Electronic Circuit Boards SMT AND PTH

We can realize electronic circuit boards using the PTH (Pin Through Hole) technology, the SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) technology as well as both.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

With the aim to guarantee a process in compliance with the procedures requested by our Customers, we are certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2015